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Sports, Nutrition and Weight Management

Program Overview

Nutrition plays an important role in the human body. A thorough understanding of the interaction between diet, health and exercise can help assist in developing optimal training programs, achieving healthy weight and reducing the risk of injuries as the body ages.

Courses in this program consider the nutritional and metabolic demands of exercise, aging and weight management through a study of topics like the fundamentals of nutrition, nutrition in aging, clinical nutrition and the impact of diet and ergogenic aids.


Successful candidates will also receive certificate per completed module:

  • Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Nutrition in Aging
  • Nutrition in Disease State (Clinical Nutrition)
  • Nutrition in Life Cycle
  • Weight Managements
  • Nutrition for the Endurance-Sports Athlete
  • Nutrition for the Strength-Sports Athlete
  • Nutrition for Intermittent Exercise and Sports
  • Supplements in Health and Sport
  • Doping in Sport (project included)

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