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HPLC and Lab

Program Overview

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a technique for separating organic compounds in order to analyze them. HPLC is used in many different industries like biological, pharmaceutical, cannabis, food and drink, environmental and even industrial to analyze samples. HPLC is a very popular method of compound analysis due to its accuracy and precision. Modern HPLC has been applied in many situations such as separation, identification, purification and quantification.

These certificates include laboratory training with numerous hands on experiments. Training is performed in our state of the art laboratory using extensive wet and instrumental chemistry procedures. Work includes chemical analysis of a variety of pharmaceutical substances and materials. Enrolling in HPLC training can open your career to a range of fields including pharma, cannabis, biopharm, food, chemical, environmental, and healthcare


Successful candidates will also receive certificate per completed module:

  • Introduction to HPLC
  • HPLC – Intermediate
  • HPLC – Advanced Method Validation and Technology Transfer
  • HPLC – Advanced Method Development
  • HPLC School
  • Pharma Lab Testing – Introduction
  • Pharma Lab Testing – Intermediate
  • Pharma Lab Testing – Advance
  • Dissolution Testing – Introduction
  • Dissolution Testing – Advance
  • Food Microbiology – Lab
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