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COMPOUNDING BOOTCAMP: Safe and Compliant Pharmaceutical Compounding

Program Overview

The Pharmaceutical Non-Sterile Compounding Certificate Program provides knowledge and insight into the most recent developments in pharmaceutical compounding practices. Students will learn compounding techniques, regulatory framework (USP<795>), effectiveness of medicinal products, and current compounding methodologies.

The program focuses on topics delivered through two modules: Designed to provide focused and basic relevant training for compounding. With specialization required to excel in the field of compounding, learners will develop organizational skills required for preparing custom formulation. Students will gain significant knowledge of roles within a compounding Pharmacy under Law and regulations set forth by OCP(Ontario college of Pharmacists).

Completing Hands-on Certification for Safe and Compliant Pharmaceutical Compounding: including USP <795> certificate program at AAPS means that a wide range of careers in the pharmaceutical, food and cannabis industry will can be available. Employers in every sector know that they can count on the experience and skills of AAPS graduates for positions including:

  • Legal and regulatory framework for Nonsterile Compounding
  • NAPRA standards for Non-Sterile Compounding
  • Introduction to compounding techniques
  • Compounding for Specific Therapeutic Areas
  • Testing and Verification of Compounded formulations
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations and measurements for special population
  • Drug Stability and Compatibility
  • Patient safety and risk management

Partnership with USP


Successful candidates will also receive certificate per completed module:

certificate Introduction to Pharmaceutical Non-Sterile Compounding

certificate Pharmaceutical Calculations and Measurements

certificate Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Formulations

certificate Compounding techniques and Equipment

certificate Quality Control and Documentation

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for those who are interested in Pharmaceutical Companies, Research and Development associates, Pharmaceutical consulting firms, Pharmacy students, Pharmacy Employees, Pharmacy Assistants, Pharmacy technicians, and pharmacists.

To register for in-class, contact us via telephone at 416-502-2277 or by email at