Cannabis – Management, Quality and Laboratory

Start Date: September 3, 2019

Duration: 16 Weeks


The New Cannabis for Medical Purposes industry is bringing in a lot of career opportunities to the Canadian Market and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries in Canada. The rapid growth means that there are growing number of job opportunities within the field that requires specialized skill set. This certificate program trains students on Cannabis Regulations, Growing, Laboratory and Sanitation Techniques. Concepts such as Quality Assurance, R&D and Business Management are also discussed.

Admission Requirement:

  • Clear Criminal Record Check
  • High School Diploma or Mature Student

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Course Outline

Cannabis – Management, Quality and Laboratory Certificate Program
Code Course
MM01 Cannabis Regulations In Class Online
MM02 Quality Assurance and GMP Concepts (SOP, Record Keeping, GPP, Recall, Complaints, etc) In Class Online
MM03 Quality Control and Laboratory Techniques (HPLC, Micro, CofA, Wet Chem) In Class N/A
MM04 Growing Techniques and Tissue Culture In Class Online
MM05 Sanitation In Class Online
MM06 Cannabis in Food Processing In Class Online
MM07 Cannabis Retail Licensing and Operations In Class Online
MM08 Business Management for Cannabis In Class Online

AAPS graduates from the Cannabis – Management, Quality and Laboratory Certificate Program pursue careers in

  • Quality Assurance Associate/Technician
  • Quality Control Associate/Technician
  • Auditor/Inspector
  • Technical Writer
  • Product Control Technician
  • Production Technician
  • Production Coordinator
  • Cultivation Technician
  • Cultivation Supervisor
  • Processing Technician
  • Processing Supervisor
  • Packaging Technician
  • Packaging Supervisor
  • Laboratory Technician/Analyst
  • Extraction Technician
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Business Development Representative
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Sales Associate
  • Retail Store Manager