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Research and Development at Our Pharmaceutical School

Who We Are

The R&D lab was established in 2019 to conduct cannabis product formulation, development and sensory testing, allowing us and our partners, to continuously innovate new techniques and methodologies for measuring and analyzing the consumer needs and preferences for new cannabis product formats in Canada.

Leveraging our experience in food science, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries, our goal is to create industry-leading good manufacturing practices (GMP) and develop rigorous sensory evaluation techniques for this emerging market.

Our R&D lab offers cost effective cannabis product development services, helping you develop diverse product lines, formulations, establish the expected product characteristics, processing parameters, determine intended markets, desired nutritional profiles and ingredients for your particular project.


Located within the GTA, our 3000 sq ft facility is a fully functioning commercial food development space. We are a Health Canada approved Licensed Holder under the Cannabis Act with two labs ready to create variety of formulations and dosage forms that suit your needs. Built-out in accordance with Health Canada’s regulations and GMP standards, Our R&D laboratory committed to following best-practices related food safety and other quality standards and implementing a fully functional Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs for a variety of product lines.</>

Utilizing a consumer-focused approach, we can assist with concept and process development, sourcing new ingredients and manufacturers, and managing the entire product including setting timelines, budgets and removing costs while maintaining quality throughout the entire project.

Edibles Product Development

We can connect you with New Product Development specialist whose mission is to develop and deliver exciting new recipes, guiding you through the process of bringing your concept from prototype to commercial product available on cannabis retail shelves.

Utilizing our expertise in small and large-scale food and edible cannabis manufacturing and production, we can assist with analyzing and reviewing current market trends, identifying unsolved challenges and establishing compatible ingredient mixtures and processes that are desirable to medical and recreational consumers. This industry will face challenges that must be addressed to protect and enhance food safety, achieving regulatory compliance, and mitigating vulnerabilities and risks in the supply chain.

We can develop relevant new products or provide related technical services that help your business grow.

Cosmetic, Topicals, and Wellness Product Formulation

Our R&D lab offers a centralized facility for beauty and cosmetic brands looking for formulation development services and regulatory support. Collaborating with various industry experts that includes cosmetic safety assessors, independent analytical and microbiological testing labs and in-house consumer research, ensuring that the most cost effective service is delivered without compromising quality.

Our highly experienced chemists are equipped to realize our clients’ ideas into a viable, highly marketable product. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to develop products as quickly as possible, under the highest quality standards that meet the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist restrictions for THC and CBD.

Shelf Life and Stability Testing

We can work with you to develop a shelf-life study plan that meets the needs of each unique product, timeframe and budget. Our stability chambers are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions, allowing us to customize parameters for each study.

Upon completion, we can provide an analysis on the shelf life data, assist with data interpretation and addressing any issues that arise during the study. This includes testing components related to active ingredient, rancidity and organoleptic properties of the final product. By regularly reviewing your product’s composition, origin, nutritional values and taste, you can drastically extend its lifecycle and increase your return on investment in R&D. Utilizing taste evaluations and benchmark tests for your newly developed product allows you to predict its success before it reaches store shelves.

Sensory Testing

Sensory evaluation will be a critical component in developing more precise knowledge related to consumer attitudes and perceptions around a variety of edible cannabis product.

With increased competition and new product introductions hitting the market constantly, there is a desperate need for new and innovative products and continuously improving their product to comply with rapidly evolving consumer habits, needs and regulations.

Our team has developed extensive ethical guidelines and procedures for conducting sensory testing with edible cannabis products. The primary function of sensory testing is the ability to conduct valid and reliable tests and provide data on which sound decisions can be made.

Consumer Research

Our R&D lab provides a full range of market research services. Good market research involves capturing, analyzing, and presenting unbiased, representative insights. We go further by advising on what the results mean to your business and recommend what steps you should take to increase sales and take advantage of customer and market opportunities.

By meticulously reviewing sales data, consumer research and conducting competitor analysis, CannSearch will help you determine what consumers want, what they need and what influences their purchase decisions.

Invest in Your Team

As the cannabis market continues to develop, you and your team need the right knowledge and credentials to stay compliant.

Developing a solution that’s uniquely yours, our dedicated team assesses your needs and builds a curriculum and individual programs suited to your requirements. This involves prioritizing the focus of content and providing relevant examples and activities to meet your company’s objectives and culture.

Our services include:


  • Regulatory Analysis and Planning
  • On-site consulting & training seminars
  • Strategic planning and market analysis
  • Food product research, formulations, development and improvement
  • Commercialization of cannabis products for retail
  • HACCP Plan and Preventative Control Plan Implementation
  • GPP and GMP Compliance
  • Sensory Testing Evaluations

Consultation Process

Our Process

Background and Experience

Laleh Bighash, B.Pharm, MBA – President

Ms. Laleh Bighash has 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical, food and cannabis industries. Her experience at multinational companies including Genpharm Inc., Bayer Corp., and Eli Lilly & Company, have given her expertise in all aspects of these highly-regulated sectors, from Research & Development and Laboratory Operations to Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance, to Financial Planning and Business Development.

Laleh has helped numerous clients navigate the Health Canada application process and understands how to successfully respond to requests and reduce time-to-market. She has also effectively facilitated corporate training for many businesses, keeping them up-to-date and compliant with both Canadian and international regulations.

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