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Study Quality Assurance and GMP at AAPS

Enroll in a Ministry approved online cannabis certificate program

Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are vital components of ensuring safety and quality during the production of manufactured goods. A certificate in Quality Assurance and GMP can lead to pharma, biopharma, cosmetics and food industries not only in Canada, but in the United States and internationally as well.

Students at AAPS benefit from a comprehensive, practical program which explores the background and rationale behind GMP manufacturing, packaging, testing and overall control of pharmaceutical products.

Earn Your Pharma Certificate Online

Gain the quality and compliance requirements to enter various allied industries

At AAPS, you don’t need to be on campus to develop the requirements you need to enrich your career. Our eAAPS online programs are the perfect fit for those who want to earn their Quality Assurance and GMP certification but are restricted by geographic location, family or work responsibilities, or personal preference.

At eAAPS you have the option to study from a variety of online courses such as:

  • GMP – Introduction
  • GMP – Intermediate
  • GMP – Advanced
  • Auditing – Introduction
  • Auditing – Advanced
  • Technical Writing and Scientific Communication

Each course can be taken individually according to your needs, and students are free to enroll in as many certificate courses as they wish

Choose a flexible online program that fits your needs.

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