Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

This course will introduce students to concept in biotechnology with a focus on medical biotechnology. The course will cover a broad range of topics on products and technologies used for human health or health care system. Central to the study of biotechnology is an understanding of the basic concepts in molecular genetics, protein chemistry, microbiology and immunology, which have implications in development of recombinant DNA products, pharmacogenomics, DNA-based diagnosis of genetic diseases, human gene therapy, and development of vaccines for infectious diseases, oncology, and transplantation. The knowledge of Biotechnology will be applied to clinical research strategies and clinical safety monitoring activities.

This course is intended primarily for students wishing to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, in Clinical Research, Drug Safety, and Pharmacovigilance.

In Class Registration CAD$720 +HST        |          Online Education Registration CAD$500 +HST

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