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State of Pharma brings together speakers with a wealth of expertise and experience across a number of different aspects important to the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on key areas that includes quality assurance, regulatory compliance, clinical research and pharmacovigilance.

As the global pharmaceutical industry continues to move forward at a rapid pace, the tools, skills and knowledge of experts and organisational leaders are needed for the industry to thrive. You will hear from these experts and our exclusive speaker lineup of highly sought-after industry professionals.

The conference provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and representatives from governing bodies to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns and practical challenges impacting the pharmaceutical industry at this very moment and will provide details on how to overcome these challenges as it relates to the drug development and manufacturing sectors.

DATE: May 11, 2023


Expert Speakers

Our expert panelists consist of regulatory specialists, scientists, and business leaders
providing diverse perspectives on the pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to deliver valuable educational content and networking opportunities for all attendees.

  • Laleh Bighash


    President and Dean of Scientific Affairs
  • Amanda McFarland

    ValSource, Inc.

    Senior Consultant
  • Heather Longden


  • Kenneth Christie

    VTS Consultants, Inc.

    Chief Operating Officer

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Pharma Experts
Pharma Experts


MAY 11th 2023

Regulatory Affairs

Lessons Learned from the Pandemic and Landscape Moving Forward

Regulatory Labelling Challenges


Recent Developments and Impact of the EU Legislative/Policy Environment


Recent Developments and Impact of the US Legislative/Policy Environment


Quality Assurance

Process Validation – Critical Process Validation

Critical Cleaning Validation

Conducting Remote GMP Inspections of API Manufacturers in Real Time


Utilization of a Quality Risk Management Approach


Strategies on Current Challenges in Data Integrity and Identifying Ways to Mitigate Risk


Human Error: Effectively Resolving the Most Common Cause of Quality Failures


Recently Published Guidance on cGMP and Quality


Key Steps for Establishing and Maintaining Compliance with all Applicable Internal and External Requirements and Regulations

Pharmacovigilance Audit Inspection and Quality Systems

Global Considerations for Periodic Reports, Benefit Risk Management and Risk Minimization and the Lifecycle Implications

Post-Marketing Surveillance in Phamacovigilance

Clinical Research

Clinical Research in a Post-Pandemic World

How to Develop a Detailed Guideline for Systematic Site Selection

Clinical Trial Design and Alternative Data Sources (e.g. Diversity, real-world data, precision medicine and patient-focused drug development

How to Prepare for New Developments in the Study Feasibility Processes in 2023

How to Make Appropriate Protocols To Manage the Framework of Investigators’ Activities and Interactions

Cannabis Experts
Cannabis Experts

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