Growing Techniques and Tissue Culture

This course provides a detailed review of indoor cultivation processes to produce high quality cannabis, from propagation to end product. The curriculum covers garden considerations like cannabis genetics, indoor cultivation, kinds of setups, growing media, nutrients, lamps and other equipment, economy of scale, avoiding problems, pest control, vegetative and flowering processes, breeding, harvesting, processing and quality control with a sustainable, long-term perspective. This course is perfect for people who want to learn the processes through detailed class materials and presentations, along with guided participatory discussions.

This introductory course focuses on the theoretical knowledge of plant tissue culture in order to apply for the micropropagation. The key topics to be covered under this course includes: introduction, history of plant cell culture, tissue culture laboratory organization, aseptic manipulation, media preparation, basic micropropagation techniques, acclimatization, quality control and disease indexing of micropropagated plants, callus and cell culture. This course is directed to prepare students for a career with plant industry as laboratory proprietors, laboratory supervisors, and laboratory technicians.

In Class Registration CAD$1200 +HST