Want an Ontario Dispensary Licence? Here Are 3 Types of Cannabis You Can (and Can’t) Sell

cannabis retail licence Ontario

If opening a cannabis store in Ontario or simply pursuing a career in the cannabis industry is a goal of yours, then you probably know that there are many regulations around the sale of cannabis products. Among the most important rules that anyone applying for a cannabis retail licence needs to know are which products can legally be sold at stores in Ontario.

To help you better understand the business opportunities available to cannabis retailers, below we’ll look at some products that Ontario cannabis stores are authorized to sell, along with some that, at least for the time being, are prohibited.

1. Cannabis Flower Is a Standard Product Available at Ontario Cannabis Retail Stores

The staple of any cannabis dispensary is cannabis flower. So, it should come as no surprise that both fresh and dried cannabis can legally be sold at cannabis stores in Ontario. This category covers pre-rolled joints, which are also available for legal sale. While seeds for growing cannabis can also be legally sold at retailers, supply shortages mean that, for now, seeds aren’t usually on offer.

Keep in mind that if you open a cannabis retail store in Ontario, then you must get all of your cannabis products, including cannabis flower, from the Ontario Cannabis Store, which is the only legal wholesale distributor of cannabis in the province.

2. Ontario Dispensary Licence Applicants Should Know That Oils Are Legal

Another popular product at cannabis retail stores in Ontario is cannabis oil. Cannabis oil can be sold not only in the form of oil itself, but also as softgels, capsules, and sprays. All cannabis oil products are limited to a THC concentration of 30 grams per millilitre and, as with cannabis flower, retailers must get their cannabis oil products from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Also, keep in mind that if you apply for a cannabis retail licence you can only sell up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in oil at any one time to an individual customer.

Cannabis oil, including softgel capsules, can legally be sold in Ontario

Cannabis oil, including softgel capsules, can legally be sold in Ontario

3. Cannabis Edibles, Vape Pens, and Topicals Will Be Legalized in October

Aside from cannabis flower, seeds, and oil products, the only other cannabis-related products you are currently allowed to sell as a licensed retailer are cannabis accessories and shopping bags. However, that will change dramatically in October when many more products will become legally available for purchase.

Perhaps the biggest change that anybody considering an Ontario dispensary licence should know about is that edibles and beverages will be legalized, which are expected to become popular items for both novice and experienced cannabis consumers. In addition to edibles, October will also bring about the legalization of cannabis concentrates, including vape pens, and topical creams. Health Canada is still working on regulations for all of these products, so we won’t know which specific types of edibles, topical creams, and concentrates will be allowed for sale until later in the year.

Edibles and other currently prohibited cannabis products will be legalized for sale this October

Edibles and other currently prohibited cannabis products will be legalized for sale this October

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