[New Webinar] Sanitation for Medical Marijuana


Good Production Practices (Division 4 of the MMPR) mandates that Licensed Producers ensure the cleanliness of the premises and equipment. It is therefore extremely important to understand the fundamental principle of cleaning and sanitation procedures and to implement and use these procedures effectively. For this reason, AAPS has created an easily accessible webinar focused on Sanitation for Medical Marijuana.

In this two-part webinar, Instructor Pirouz Yousefian will  concentrate on teaching three important aspects of an effective cleaning and sanitation program; Premise, Equipment and Personnel. Participants are given a thorough understanding of the importance of cleaning and sanitizing procedures and their responsibilities, and why these are important parts of their jobs.

Each webinar is to cost $299 plus HST. Participants need to attend both webinars fully in order to receive the certificate of completion.

For more information, including course outline and registration, click here.