FTSQ Co-op Students Are Learning From the Best in the Industry

Getting an education is one thing, putting that knowledge to good use is another. AAPS students enrolled in our Food Technology, Safety and Quality diploma program are taking the opportunity to develop their skills by training with leaders in Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

Masters student Kylah Smith collects blueberries after passing through the radio frequency machine behind her--College of Agriculture and Environmental Science Tuesday, May, 19, 2009, in Athens. (Photo/John Amis)

Implements Your Skills

The hands-on training AAPS students receive is only a part of what prepares them for the workforce. AAPS’ close industry connections allow for some of the best co-op placements in the industry. These placements allow students to expand on their specialized knowledge in real food safety environments.

Co-op Placements

AAPS students have gained real work experience with leaders in the food and beverage industry taking placements with companies like Maple Leaf, Unilever, Breadsource, Malabar, Patty Place, Kisko and Bento Sushi. Students here are given the chance to perform and assist in daily quality and food safety related processes, ensuring that products meet quality standards and food safety requirements. These experiences have allowed AAPS students to enhance their skills and knowledge and directly apply them to food processing environments with respect to food safety and quality assurance.

Experience That Gets You The Job

AAPS students who have completed their FTSQ co-op requirements have gone on to pursue careers in product testing, research and development, regulatory affairs, product development and food safety quality assurance. AAPS’ close industry connections allow for some of the best co-op placements in the industry.

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